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Phrases with GO

10 months ago

First things first: Phrases with GO

Go on Holiday:
“I’m going on holiday to France this summer.” “We love going on holiday to Spain.”
Go abroad:
You go to another country that is not where you live. “Have you been abroad?” “Yes, last year, I went to England and we all had a great time.”
Go sightseeing:
The Sights are famous places that you see when you go to a city such as London. “When I got to London I went on a sightseeing tour and saw Buckingham Palace, The London Eye, Trafalgar Square & The British Museum but I didn’t see Big Ben.” (Remember; Big Ben is not a clock or a tower, it’s a big bell.)
Go camping:
When you sleep in a tent in a campsite or in the countryside or up a mountain. “I love going camping, especially in the summer when it’s a lot warmer.”
Go by train:
This it the action of traveling on a train.
“I love going by train, you just sit back and enjoy looking out of the window.”
Go skiing:
To go from one place to another on skis. “When it snows I grab my skis and head for the mountains” (Remember; There is downhill skiing when you ski in a zigzag fashion to go down the hill, or cross-country skiing when you use thinner skis and you generally go on flat land.)

Now it's your turn to write down some more Phrases with GO in the comments below......