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Poland goes vegetarian?

a month ago
This week I have more news for you from Polski Daily!

Even though Poles are a rather meat-loving nation, more and more of us are becoming vegetarian. What is the age of Polish vegetarians? Who are they? Where do they live?
The answers to these questions brings us the newest report about vegetarianism „Vegetarians and meat eaters under a magnifying glass!”. It has been prepared based on the online questionnaires, with 1415 attendees that have taken part in the research organised by the Maczfit company.

The results are a positive surprise! From the group of 1415 interviewees, 295 confirmed they don’t eat meat. It gives a percentage result of almost 21%!
The biggest number of people avoiding meat lives in Wrocław, the second place goes to Warsaw and the 3rd position belongs to Krakow!
California JAMA Network scientists tested the influence of the vegetarian diet on longevity, and their result is that it does matter – being vegetarian makes you live longer! The scientists proved that people who don’t eat meat suffer from less diseases. The whole experiment lasted for 5 years and has been done on the group of 78 thousand of both - meat eaters and vegetarians.


Źródło: Maczfit.pl