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POLYGLOTS of the world, let's make some noise!!!!

4 years ago
Hi guys!

Verbling is one of the best platforms for language learning. We all here share the same passion for either teaching or learning languages. If you are one of those who speak several languages, leave a comment and share it with the community.

How many languages do you speak?
How did you learn them?
Why did you learn them?
Have you attended any polyglot's convention?


[[[DISCLAIMER: I know there are many missconceptions involving the concepts "Bilingual", "Trilingual", "Polyglot", etc... That is NOT the topic of this debate. Please avoid arguing about "how many languages are required to be considered a polyglot" and similar things. For this post let's assume a "polyglot" is anyone who speak 3 or more languages, ok? ]]]]