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Positive Reinforcement and Encouragement

3 years ago
I find a lot of what I do as an ESL tutor isn't as much language learning based as much as it is aligned with my niche specialty. While my Bachelor's is in Liberal arts, my Master's is in Human Services with an emphasis in Human Performance Improvement and Coaching (in addition to certification in drug & alcohol abuse counseling).

A lot of what I can hear in my learners is fear and anxiety over learning the language and a lot of the time it's not necessarily a language problem, but more how they don't feel they're learning fast enough or how they feel they are being judged negatively by others.

The most satisfaction I get from tutoring is knowing in some way I have lifted their spirits and maybe, hopefully have given them some peace of mind and comfort along with renewed confidence not only in learning English, but in themselves.

Quotes have always been a big part of my life lessons so I'm going to get back to posting them here periodically in hopes of inspiring us all.

Here's another one of my favorites, and I actually have it tattooed on my arm:

"Don't be your own regret archivist".