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Practice the past tense by telling me about. . .

7 years ago
Hello my dear students! How is everyone today? Let's practice the past tense by describing an experience that applies to about two-thirds of the world's population. And that is. . .tell me about getting your first cell phone. Who bought it for you? Was it a surprise or did you expect it? Who was the first person you called or texted? What do you remember about the experience? Hint for lovers of American English (me!): although there are many options (I acquired my first cell phone. . .I purchased my first cell phone. . .I received my first cell phone) a popular verb here in the U.S. and one that will help you sound more natural when speaking English is "to get." MOST people I know would talk about this topic by starting out: "I got my first cell phone in 2006. . ." While "got" isn't as specific as purchased or received, for some reason we love it and use it often. So. . .tell me the story of your first phone and let's chat! AND. . .the first brave student to write the story of his or her phone will win a coupon for a free class with me, whether you are a new student or already working with me. Have a great day everyone!