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Prepositions of time

6 years ago
Do you know any more prepositions to do with time??
In, at,on .......
What preposition do we use and when?
With TIMES i.e. '3pm or 6 o'clock
i.e. AT 3pm I'm meeting Jim
With TIMES OF THE DAY i.e. 'noon and midnight'
I heard a wolf howling AT midnight.
It was really hot AT midday.
We use this with months,years, centuries and long periods of time.
There were a lot of long hot days IN July.
He was born IN 2005.
There were many pirates IN the 16th century.
Some people say the fashion IN the 1980's was terrible!
We use this for dates and specific days.
Last time this year ON the 16th of September we had a great party!
In Europe ON Christmas Eve people normally have dinner with their family.
Hope this helps!