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Present perfect and past simple

6 years ago
Ahhh this one can be a tricky one - which to choose? present perfect or past simple?

Most grammar books over-complicate it with a number of reason, time-lines, examples and unrealistic examples.

No doubt you have experienced trouble with learning this topic, and USING this topic in the REAL-WORLD!

Did you know that it all boils down to 2 main factors for each tense and that there is only one main difference between both of the tenses?

Maybe you have studied this for a long time... with no result.
or maybe you studied this with no result.

Maybe you have studied this and are frustrated right now
or maybe you studied this and have now started to focus on another tense instead for the time being.

Book with me and I'll show you a super-simple way to understand this and other grammar. Also we can get you speaking the REAL-ENGLISH you need to survive when communicating with native speakers in the REAL-WORLD.