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Quick tips on how to capture your students attention in the classroom

3 years ago
I don't know about you guys, but experiencing a student gazing in the distance or becoming restless due to boredom is very disheartening as a teacher.
Maybe you feel stuck and feel you are giving it your all and don't know what else there is left for you do in the classroom.

That is why i have put together a list of helpful tips that i didn't even realize at times i needed to incorporate until my teaching assistants helped me in my online classroom.

I really hope they helped you as much as they have helped me broaden my teaching skills:

1) Games
- They bring about the impression that learning english can be fun and doesn't have to be the old stereotype of tests and grammar all the time.
- Just bare in mind to make sure that there should be structure to them, if used properly it can help students with things such as speaking confidence.

2) Point systems
- instead of giving treats, stickers ect. I believe encouragement, words of affirmation and being told when they have excelled helps keep the students self motivated and positive, instead of having an expectation everytime of getting treats and stickers. (This has been proven in a study to have hampered students success in the future)

3) Be Energetic
- Excitement is infectious, no matter how flashy your set up is or how amazing your lesson is, if you don't have fun in your lessons your students will pick up on that and react the same way towards you. I have found if you do this, they will be more energised and engaged no matter what you are teaching.

4) Music
- Allows you to get certain sentences, vocabulary, grammar structures and catch phrases across to the student, that will stick in their head better than trying to recite the word.
- Makes learning more fun, engaging, catches their attention as it forces them to participate.

5) Videos
- Helps visual learners picture scenarios and context easier.