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Ready for a Vocabulary Quiz?

6 years ago
1. After the elections it was discovered that the phones had been __________. A. canvassed B. leaked C. bugged

2. I don't know the price. You'd better see the person __________. A. charged B. in charge of C. in charge

3. It is said that achievement ____________ the best in a person. A. brings out B. brings off C. brings round

4. I've been absent for 3 weeks so I'll have to ___________ my work. A. brush up B. catch up on C. carry out

5. You should ____________ the opportunity to travel with a guide. A. avail B. jump C. seize

6. The company is ________ to admit that its profits are decreasing steadily. A. in anger B. discreet C. loathe

7. I doubt if we'll manage to _________ him ______ to our way of seeing things. A. bring ..... round B. carry ..... over C. persuade .... back

8. The situation has become difficult to ____________________.. A. come up against B. cope with C. support