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病気からの復活 Recovery from an illness

4 years ago
This year has been hard for everyone. I myself have been physically very busy and mentally been under a lot of stress.

Then, one day, I fell really ill. I had a very bad case of shingles. I had to be in bed for the first month, was in and out of bed for the second month, and even in the third month, I had to manage with strong pain killers and injections.

However, I am finally getting better and now back at work, teaching. I took 2 month off work and 3 month off learning French as well.

I now regret that I was constantly lacking sleep but still kept pushing myself.

How wonderful it is to be able to teach and learn once again. It's of course not possible to teach or learn without good health. Your health is the most important after all!

I was saved by speaking to people in my lessons. It's hard to go out nowadays, but, nevertheless, it's very important to keep contact with friends and families.

Some of you might also be going under a lot of stress or worries. It might lighten your heart if you speak to people even through online lessons. If you feel like talking to me, you are always welcome. You can talk about anything you want.

It's quite a tough period, but please take enough nutrition and sleep, plus try not to retain too much stress in yourself. I wish you all a good health, and happy learning and teaching! (^^)