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Send me if you have any questions about Arabic For Free Any time :)

a year ago
I saw one of the Discussions asking about Language Query and no one respond to it 🤔
this is happening a lot , as we are as teachers not check this part every day

so I was thinking as Arabic teacher :
hmmmm , if they did not ask us
so I must make it clear , that they can send to me ?

So here is my Free invitation to you
if you have any question , just send
and it is 100% Free
You do not have to book lesson to send to me

you do not have to be one of my student to send and ask
Just ask and I will try to find the knowledge for you

Our Arabic culture - and that is why I am proud of it - famous with generosity and helping every one who ask for it
so as non-arab , you do not have to assume that if you ask for help that means money and you have to pay , enroll in service in return

this is may be the culture in outside the Arab world , that every thing must have a price , including your time respond for questions to specialist or professional

But I think I am talking about all the Arabic teacher for this and they agree with me
just send to us directly ,
send your question about arabic :
may be it is about grammar rule
may be you would like to ask about why some sounds are different
or asking for material in Arabic , or book , etc
what ever you ask
I will answer 😄
and sure all the good arabic teacher they will answer you if they have time

for me I am available all the week day ,
just send and I would like to answer you within 24 hours
And now you can not say: I asked and no one reply

For arabic learners :
Welcome Welcome or مرحبا Mar-ha-ba

Salam , and see you in my inbox