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Share a fun fact about your country! :)

5 years ago
Hi everyone,

It's fun to learn about foreign countries, cultures, geography and society. Tell us something interesting about your country, which you think most foreigners probably don't know.

Ok, I'll start...

What's the most famous monument that comes to mind when you think about London? A lot of people would say "Big Ben", the famous clock tower. However, very few people have ever seen Big Ben, and no tourist ever takes selfies with Big Ben in the background - in fact, Big Ben is NOT a clock tower. The famous clock tower is called "The Elizabeth Tower", and inside it there are two main bells: Big Ben and Little Ben.

Another fun fact: Guess what is the smallest city in England. Yes: the City of London! The City of London is only one square mile in area and its population is 9,401, much smaller than any other city in England. (The megalopolis known as Greater London, on the other hand, is NOT a city and has a population of about 9 million).

Ok, so c'mon, go ahead and tell us something interesting about YOUR country!
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United Kingdom
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