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Slang Expressions to Use When You Travel, how many do you know?

4 years ago
If you love to travel, make sure to use these expressions along the way!

1. Hit the road

To “hit the road” means to start traveling. When you want to leave somewhere, you can say, “It’s time to hit the road!” If you need to make a plan for when you're going to leave, you could say, “Let’s hit the road at 7 a.m. tomorrow.”

2. Red-eye

Have you ever flown overnight or very late at night? This is called a “red-eye,” or a "red-eye flight," because your eyes will be very red and tired when you arrive!

3. Shotgun!

In a car, the seat beside the driver is called the “shotgun” seat. This comes from movies set in the American Old West, where stagecoach drivers would often be protected by someone with a shotgun. If you want to have this seat and “ride shotgun” next to the driver, you can say, “Shotgun!” when you get close to the car.

4. Glamping

"Glamping" is a glamorous type of camping, with all the comforts of home, such as electricity, beds, and hot showers. This word was only invented in 2005, but glamping has since become very popular with young people.

5. Staycation

Of course, some people don’t like to travel. If you take time off work but decide to stay at home, you can say you’re having a “staycation” – a stay-at-home vacation!

Comprehension and questions:
  1. Why is an overnight flight called a "red-eye"?
  2. What is glamping?
  3. If you could go on vacation anywhere in the world, where would you choose?
The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page. — Augustine of Hippo. What do you think?
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