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5 yıl önce
The PASSIVE VOICE is often used in English – more often than it is used in other languages – as a way to avoid naming the subject, either because the subject is unknown or irrelevant, or else. However, there’s instances when a passive voice is used for other purposes – and the subject becomes an agent (the action is done by the agent).

Can you think why a speaker would use the passive voice+by+agent instead of the active voice+subject? Simple! Either the subject is unknown, or it is irrelevant.

Example sentences:

Active: I keep the butter in the fridge.
Passive: The butter is kept in the fridge.

Active: They stole the painting.
Passive: The painting was stolen.

Active: They are repairing the road.
Passive: The road is being repaired.

Active: Shakespeare wrote Hamlet.
Passive: Hamlet was written by Shakespeare.

Active: A dog bit him.
Passive: He was bitten by a dog.

Now, write your own sentences and get some feedback here. Practice your English!

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