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Sound more natural!

a year ago
Let’s see, well, listen, look, (…)
A ver, bueno, oyes, mira, (…)
Vediamo, beh, senti, guarda, (…)

Did you know in grammar there’re some strategies that help you sound more natural? Depending on intonation, during simple everyday life conversations we use all the time words which serve to take time, change of topic, catch somebody’s attention and so on. These words are called discourse markers. They are very colloquial markers and if you know how to use them, your Italian conversation will be easier to build.

A: Ciao Maria! Senti, ti va se usciamo domani sera?
B: Beh, veramente ho un impegno.
A: Quando sei libera?
B: Vediamo… Giovedì sera?
A: Ci sto! A giovedì!