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Speaking Aussie: Cheers, ta and thanks heaps

5 years ago

In Australia saying thank you is normally an informal thing... Australians are very grateful people, but, we don't make a big deal of saying thank you.

Saying cheers is very common when you're saying thank you and goodbye at the same time, like after you buy a flat white (type of coffee only in Australia, I think) and you're leaving the cafe... for example:
Me: Gidday mate, I'd like a flat white, no sugar thanks
Barista: No Worries mate
5min later...
Barista: there you go, that'll be $4.50
Me: No problem, Cheers mate [leave coffee shop]

Now, imagine if someone does something you're really thankful for, you'd say thanks heaps. So if you're having computer problems and IT comes and saves the day, you'd say "thanks heaps mate!"

And finally, ta, this is a fancy way of saying thank you. My auntie says ta all the time so I guess it's more of an older generation thing... Sorry Auntie Tan, but it's very common to hear ta in the streets.

And that's it... like I said, saying sorry is normally pretty informal but Aussies say thanks for everything...

Cheers for reading! how many ways can you say thank you in English?