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Standing instead of sitting at your desk

3 years ago
I used to move around a lot when teaching, but since I started online I found sitting many hours wasn't that great for the health. It was a lot of hours of just sitting. I needed to make adjustments and I think I've done it. Today I took action. I stacked a small desk on my table, and put my laptop on top. It looks a bit like this:

I can say that it wasn't as awkward as I thought it would be. My feet want to move around a bit which is the only disturbance to the concentration. The only main problem is that in my mind I always sat down to plan anything. Or to write anything in fact, to study, to surf or to do anything on a computer or with a book. But this is merely a psychological habit. There is no reason you can't do planning in the standing position. I wanted to share this experience and topic, especially as it affects pretty much everyone who does any kind of office work, or extensive work online, in many situations. Read more about these issues of sitting too long here: https://open.buffer.com/healthiest-way-to-work-standing-sitting/