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Students of English: Do you want FREE help with your pronunciation (and vocabulary and grammar)?

6 years ago

Here's my offer to you: book TWO lessons with me. Your second lesson will be FREE; your first lesson (if you use my FIRSTEVERLESSON coupon for a 95% discount) will cost you $2.80 (19.20 CNY, 2.39 EUR, 315.25 JPY, 11.34 BRL, 170.69 VEF, 65,400 VND, 3,140, KRW, 22.90 NOK, 24.65 SEK, 2.69 SFR, 2.15 GBP, 1,020 NGN, 40.15 ZAR).

This offer will expire in 6 days (11pm, GMT on Sunday 30th Sept).

Take advantage of my offer; or don't if you're too busy, or if you're satisfied with your current teacher. But, either way, please follow this advice that I'm going to FREEly give you: learn how to pronounce the word "advantage". Also learn how to pronounce "English", "women", "miracle", "secret", "manager", "image", "average", "language", "village", "chicken", "business", "eleven", "escape", "decide", "reply", and "report".

These words all contain the sound /ɪ/ (as in "give, him, big, fish"), but their spelling is counter-intuitive ("a", "e", "o" or "u" instead of, more intuitively, "i").

1. Quickly scan the list below, and highlight the words you know the meaning of (ignore all the words you don't know because this is not a vocabulary exercise.)
2. Practice pronouncing each of your highlighted words correctly (the letter in bold italics is pronounced /ɪ/).
3. If you feel you'd like to check that you are pronouncing these words correctly, then either (a) copy and past the list onto a Word document and send that to your teacher, and ask your teacher to listen to you pronouncing each of your highlighted words; or (b) book a lesson with me (for $2.80), and I'll give you the feedback and support that you need.

secret ticket budget private climate basket magnet rocket planet blanket
spinach lettuce purchase mountain fountain pigeon chicken kitchen honest English
benefit busy business women minute terrace palace surface menace furnace solace
miracle obstacle pinnacle barnacle spectacles character receptacle massacre

adage advantage average Anchorage baggage bandage beverage bondage cabbage carnage
carriage cartilage college cottage courage coverage damage disadvantage disparage dosage
foliage footage forage outage garage garbage haulage heritage homage image knowledge language leverage luggage hemorrhage manage marriage message savage salvage
mortgage orphanage package percentage privilege pillage ravage rummage envisage sacrilege
sausage sewage shortage storage suffrage hostage encourage discourage usage village vintage voyage wattage wreckage orange scavenge challenge
report record(V) reward remember remain regret refer reproach relieve remove reduce refuse((V) research retire remind resuscitate relinquish respond reply restore refine
renounce recover

because before believe below become beneath between bespoke peculiar peculiarity

eleven elite escape effect elicit elucidate emerge emergency elation enact enunciate
envisage eradicate equipment exciting excuse elope explain estate equality enforce
effusive entail embrace erase enormous enhance environment

defend decide depend device destroy delete debate debacle describe determine deduct
denomination deny detract deride denounce defer deteriorate delusion define develop

waited decided started persuaded excited painted downloaded tested wanted needed invited disappointed succeeded exploded suggested completed wounded lifted presented

dances roses dresses buses prizes beaches pushes
boxes watches pages wages stages badges bridges