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Students of English: Here's some FREE, HIGH-QUALITY help with your writing skills

5 years ago
Do you want FREE, high-quality feedback in order to help you to improve your writing abilities? Go for it.

Follow the instructions below and write your composition here as a comment and I'll get back to you shortly afterward.

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The instructions are as follows:
* Choose ONE topic from the list below.
* DON'T worry about grammar or "perfection" - I can only help you if I see your mistakes. So, please make some mistakes!
* Give yourself a time limit and be strict about it: 10 mins, for example. Never longer than 20 mins.
* Write as fast as you think and as fast as you speak. DON'T hesitate.
* Always move forward, never go back, never proofread.
* As soon as the time limit is up, ...hit send, immediately!
* Use linkers wherever appropriate. (Linkers are words like however, furthermore, in spite of, anyway, that is to say, having said that, actually, above all, otherwise, to sum up, although, unless, for instance, as regards, in my opinion, nevertheless, bearing that in mind indeed, and so on).
1. The world in 2050
2. When I was a child
3. My daily routine
4. A hectic week
5. If I were a very rich person
6. My favourite hobby
7. A beautiful place that I love
8. If I could live anywhere in the world
9. The importance of close friends and family ties
10. The importance of knowing languages
11. The importance of appreciating art
12. The symbiotic relationship between humans, animals and nature in general
13. A pet I loved, who passed away
14. Why technology is essential in modern life
15. The difference between love and hate
16. My favourite music
17. My favourite movies
18. The meaning of human life on planet Earth
19. The advice I will give my grandchildren when I am 80 years old
20. If I had made a different choice when I was a teenager, my life would be very different nowadays.