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Summer Vocab in English

6 years ago

Here are some essential summer vocabulary words and ideas for ESL students.

As long as you have a water source at your house, you have a place to play. You can turn on a hose, point it in the air, and run through the water as it falls. In some places with lawns, people like to water their grass with sprinklers. Children love jumping around in the water jets.

You will want to wear clothes designed for swimming called bathing suits.Some are very modest and cover most of the body, while others show lots of skin. Some young women enjoy wearing small bathing suits called bikinis.

If you wear a bikini, you might like to sit by the pool or lake and soak up the rays. That just another term for sunbathing or laying out.  All these phrases have to do with letting the sun turn pale skin darker.

As you already know, lots of native English speakers have pale skin. However, many want to have a healthy glow. That means that want to get just a little bit darker: enough get rid of a pasty white but not so dark that their skin burns.
It can get hot in the summer so you may want to cool off with an ice dessert.
North American children like to have snow cones. Shaved ice is packed in paper cup or cone. In Asia, cold sweet beans or fruit might be poured on top. In North America, a super-sweet, brightly colored syrup is poured over the ice.

Americans also like camping in the warm months. You need a campfire to make food or to help you stay warm. Campfires are also great places to gather with friends to sing and tell stories.  Really big campfires are called bonfires and are popular in Europe.
S’mores are a favorite camping treat. Start with an American graham cracker or a British biscuit, and a square of sweet chocolate.

These are just a few of the essential summer words to boost your vocabulary. Now, what are you waiting for? Grab your Ipod, towel and book and hit the beach!

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