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The tricky part of French: La liaison.Why can't you understand Native French Speakers?

4 years ago
When you listen to French being spoken, do you ever try to pick out single words that you may recognize? And find yourself often unable to do so? That’s because French speakers like to link everything together by adding sounds to the sentence. You have to be careful because this rule of French pronunciation is invisible (does not appear in writing).
The sound z that occurs between s or x and a vowel, as in les amis (ley-zah-mee) (the friends) and beaux oiseaux (boh-zwah-zoh) (beautiful birds).
The sound t between t or d and a vowel, as in petit enfant (puh-tee-tan-fahN) (little kid) and grand arbre (grahN-tahr-br) (big tree).
The sound n between n and a vowel, as in un étudiant (aN-ney-tew-dee-ahN) (a student) and on aime (ohN-nehm) (we like).
Sometimes la Liaison is forbidden. For instance, ''Il part et il revient'' doesn't have any!

That's why you should ask the help of a tutor or watch videos/Listen to audio books to better understand this beautiful yet tricky language !

Have a nice day!