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6 years ago
Let’s say you are fluent but you don’t feel comfortable with your accent or people don’t understand everything you say. These tips can help you improve your pronunciation:

  • Learn to listen. Listen to other people and listen to yourself. Pay attention to detail.
  • Notice how your mouth and lips move. Are they moving like those of an English speaker?
  • Pay attention to your tongue. Are you doing what an English speaker would do?
  • Break words down into sounds. What specific sound is not coming out right?
  • Add stress to sounds and words. Enunciation makes a big difference.
  • Use pronunciation podcasts and videos.
  • Record yourself and ... listen! What is wrong? Pinpoint your mistakes. That is the first step to start improving: finding out what it is that you are not doing right.
  • Practice with somebody (somebody who has a native English accent) who can help you. Preferably, an expert!