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Tips to Learn English

7 years ago
If you only practice for 10 minutes a day, you will notice an improvement in just a short time. Regular practice, even if just a short time is much better than irregular practice. This is because English will always stay fresh in your mind and you’ll be able to remember things much easier. Below are some ideas on how to practice.

Practice Speaking
You can practice you speaking skills too! If your friends are learning English then make an effort to speak to them in English. When you meet, set a rule that you must speak English as much as possible. If you don’t have any friends that learn English, then speak it to yourself to practice your pronunciation or get online and meet people and chat with them on the internet. Again, just a few minutes a day will really help improve your speaking skills.

Pay attention to sound patterns

When listening to native speakers talk, pay attention to the words they emphasize. You’ll find that they usually stress content words more than function words. Content words are usually nouns, verbs, and adjectives. They help you form a picture of what the person is trying to communicate. Function words, which are usually pronouns, prepositions, determiners, and auxiliary verbs, help connect the content words and make the sentence grammatically correct. Paying attention to the content words will help you figure out the meaning of what a person is saying.
Practice Writing
Finally, you can practice your writing skills by keeping a journal or diary. Write about things that you did that day, your thoughts and your plans for the next day. You don’t need to write a lot; just spend a few minutes writing in your journal and make sure that you do it every day.
As you can see, the more you practice the quicker you will learn the language. You don’t have to be doing your homework, or reading your course book to practice, there are many ways that you do this

Surround Yourself with the Language
Immerse yourself in the English language. This way, you’ll be studying English without even knowing and you’ll be practicing all the time.
Practice your listening skills by watching English speaking TV or listening to English speaking radio shows. Most countries broadcast at least one English speaking TV channel, so watch the news, or watch a movie or even listen to music in English. Download a favorite English podcast and listen to it while on the go. If you do this for only 10 minutes a day every day you’ll soon notice your listening skills improve very quickly.

Practice Reading
You can easily practice your reading skills. Go on the internet and search for things you are interested in. It’s always more fun to read something that you like to read. Alternatively, try buying an English language newspaper and read the news in English instead of your mother tongue!

Do a vocabulary warm-up

If you’ve been focusing on a particular vocabulary unit in class, get warmed up by thinking in English about a topic related to the words at the beginning of the lesson. For example, if you’re covering food vocabulary, spend some time thinking about your favorite foods to cook or order at a restaurant.

Don’t stop at one vocabulary word

Every time you look up a new vocabulary word, try to find one synonym (a word with the same or similar meaning) and one antonym (a word with the opposite meaning), as well.

Hope these help! If you have any further questions, please schedule a trial lesson! Good luck!