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Top 6 Reasons for Learning Arabic?

6 years ago
1. Arabic is spoken by more than 280 million people as a native language.
This makes it the fifth (or fourth if Hindi and Urdu are counted as one language) most widely spoken language of the world. Being able to talk to that many people is definitely a huge motivation.
2. Arab culture is rich and diverse.
Everybody should be able to find some aspect of the culture that they find intriguing. Just to give a few examples: have you ever listened to the Lebanese singer Fairouz or the Egyptian singer Amr Diab? What about sitting in a typical Maqha (café) in the middle of a Suq (market) while listening to a soryteller? Or reveling in the beauty of Arabic calligraphy? Or reading the 1001 Nights in the original?
3. Arab hospitality.
As soon as you just utter a few words of Arabic in front of a native speaker, they will be delighted and eager to help you in any way possible. Ever learnt German just to discover that the Germans themselves are not impressed or positively disinterested when you speak their language? You will find the exact reverse in most of your encounters with Arabs. They really are proud of their language and pleased with anyone making an effort to learn it.
4. Arabic is a bridge language.
Knowing Arabic opens the door to many other languages in the region. For example, approximately 50% of the vocabulary of Persian (Farsi) is made up of Arabic words. Similar considerations apply to learning Urdu or Turkish. Also, Hebrew is related linguistically to Arabic, which makes it easier to grasp the grammatical and semantic concepts in Hebrew.
5. Arabic is a very exciting language linguistically.
With the deeply entrenched root system, learning Arabic can be a great joy. E.g. if you know that kataba means “to write” in Arabic, then it will be easy to deduce that kitaab means “book” and kaatib means “writer”. It also has some
6. Travelling in the arab countries.
The Arab World is a great place to travel – if you know Arabic, that is. While the number of Arabs speaking English is constantly on the increase, the vast majority of the population only speaks Arabic. So it is essential that you speak at least basic survival Arabic when you travel in the region. And travelling there is certainly something that you shouldn’t miss with lush countryside, arid deserts and traditional villages.