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Translation challenge: “Nurturing”

4 years ago
Nurturing is one of those words that have many uses and meanings, so translating it can be a challenge. How would you say nurturing in your language?

There are some of the meanings of the word nurturing:
To take care of, feed, and protect someone or something, especially young children or plants, and help them to develop or get better:

Most women used to stay at home and nurture their children, but that has changed.

When he retired, he would sit and read under a tree, finally enjoying his carefully nurtured garden.

​ John recognized that people needed nurturing, which included support following bereavement, as he had been fortunate to receive from his daughter when his wife passed away.

To help a plan or a person to develop and be successful:

As a record company executive, his job is to nurture young talent.

Nowadays, teaching strategies are more autonomy-supportive, and aimed at nurturing students' individual interests.

To her dying day she never ceased acquiring and nurturing contacts at the royal court in order to achieve her goals.

To have a particular emotion, plan, or idea for a long time:

Arnold nurtured ambitions for her daughter to be a surgeon.

Sometimes, he simply to avoided confrontation by staying silent, while nurturing a private resentment.

In English, many present participles of verbs can be used as adjectives, shown in these examples:

From a care perspective, morality requires not hurting others, condemning all violence and exploitation, and nurturing relationships and connections between persons.

The nurturing conditions under which the brain finishes its development are shaped by a culture that conforms to a 'socially agreed' set of values.

Diminutives signal a child-centered, nurturing and intimate environment.

Their marriage began with and developed into a mutually nurturing partnership.

Some foster care interventions focus upon infants' needs for stable, consistent, nurturing care.

She is also credited with nurturing aspects, though these attributes are not always at the forefront of her character.

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