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TRAVELLING ADVENTURE. Could you please check my answers?

6 years ago
TRAVELLING ADVENTURE Why do so many amusing incidents (39) OCCUR during train journeys? I want to tell you about one of such cases. So, I remember the day when a ticket inspector entered the (40) … COMPARTMENT* ……. where six or eight commuters were sitting. Everyone quickly found their tickets -(41) …EXCEPT……. for the man sitting next to me. His hands searched urgently into his pockets, and then he began to search through his briefcase. Everyone else could see (42) …EXACTLY……. where his ticket was - he was gripping it between his teeth. The ticket inspector calmly dealt with all the other passengers. Then, equally calmly, he drew the ticket out from between the man’s teeth, (43) …EXAMINED**……. it with a frown and popped it back again. Once the inspector had left, most of the passengers (44) …SETTLED***……. down and carried on reading their morning papers. (45) …AS FOR……. the passenger who’d had his ticket in his mouth, he popped it into his pocket, looking very relieved. He was (46) …GENERALLY****… quite a friendly person, so to make (47) …CONVERSATION*****… I said to him, “You must have felt foolish - searching in all your pockets while it was in your mouth.” “Foolish?” he whispered. “Not at all - I was chewing the date (48) …OFF******……. ”
39 A meet В occur C find D run 40 A cabin В wagon C compartment D salon *I have chosen “compartment”, though I am not 100% sure. I know only one word “carriage”. In Ukrainian/Russian we say “wagon”. “compartment” wings me a bell. I think that’s the correct answer. 41 A apart В besides C opposite D except 42 A exactly В sharply C surely D really 43 A saw В examined C noticed D reviewed ** I’ve chosen “examined”. I seems to me that the other words are not good at all. I might be wrong as I know “examined” only in medical context not in travel context. 44 A came В climbed C went D settled *** I’ve chosen “settled” though I am 100% sure. The reason I’ve chosen it is that the other words are not so good, and my intuition says that “settled” is correct. 45 A Because of В According to C As for D What about 46 A usually В commonly C generally D considerably **** I’ve chosen “generally” I guess that’s the man’s opinion. I seems to me “usually” as well “commonly” aren’t as good as “generally”. 47 A sound В talk C speech D conversation ***** I would never say “make conversation”, but the other options are ever worse. 48 A from В off C on D out ****** I’ve chosen “OFF” because I know they say “cut off”, Van Gogh cut off his ear etc… So, I thin “chew off” might work here.
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