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Unfounded pressure & false pride

4 years ago

I've been learning English for almost 2 years now and I've had a lot up and downs.
But one problem I'm facing more and more is that when I spoke English on a A1/A2/B1 Level, I used every chance I could get to speak and I didn't care about what the other person thought about my English. I just enjoyed the speaking.

But now, I already have a B2/C1 level and I have to use my English at work and I've been struggeling. I've had so many situations where I was supposed to speak fluently but I spent so much time on preparing in my head what I'm going to say that when I had to speak only barely could speak. It seems like the longer I'm learning English, the more pressure get created by myself. I say things to myself like "You've been learning English for so long and if you make mistakes everyone will notice that you have problems". (I know that probably nobody cares)
And this is killing my vibes. The more you try to do it "perfect", the more less it gets.

Does someone have had the same experiences?