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Verbs that can be both dynamic and stative

5 years ago
Most of you will be familiar with the following:

I am having lunch. (dynamic)
I have an old car. (stative)

I think pop music is terrible. (stative)
I am thinking about taking a nap. (dynamic)

Are you familiar with these ones:

This fresh bread smells like heaven. (stative)
The police dog was smelling luggage when he suddenly started barking. (dynamic)

It looks like it might rain. (stative)
Sally is looking for her keys. (dynamic)

My laptop weighs about 2 KG. (stative)
Fiona was weighing the ingredients for her cake. (dynamic)

Remember we use dynamic verbs in continuous form, but not stative, unless they are one of the examples like smell, look and weigh where a dynamic meaning is also possible.

If you want to join in the fun, go ahead. Add your own examples where the verb can have both a stative or dynamic meaning.