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Was it wrong for Netflix to subtitle "Roma" in Castillian Spanish?

5 years ago
Interesting things are afoot in the world of Spanish cinema, language, and commerce.

Roma, the latest film by the director of Y Tu Mamá También takes place in Mexico City, and is meant to be a tribute to Mexican culture. ("Roma" refers to a neighborhood in Mexico City.) But Netflix released the film with Spanish subtitles that reflect the way people speak in Spain.

The director, Alfonso Cauarón, publicly blasted them, and now the subtitles are only in Mexican (or, at least, Latin American) Spanish.

Netflix actually does this a lot. Sometimes, you can actually see the vosostros form on screen while you're hearing the ustedes form being spoken by the actors.

As I remember it, though, the Spanish subtitles were actually being offered in both versions.

Netflix hasn't removed the English subtitles, which Cauarón presumably has no problem with. One might imagine him taking his argument a step further, and insisting that, if you really want to understand the movie, you should just learn Spanish!

What do you think?