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What Are Your Favorite Words in English?

6 years ago
One of the greatest pleasures of learning a language is the surprise of hearing new words that make us smile. Whether it is because of the sound, rhythm, or meaning of the word or phrase, discovering funny, interesting words can keep us motivated and help us enjoy the beauty of the language.

For instance, some of my favorite Japanese words are bibunsekibun/びぶんせきぶん (differential calculus), torikeratopusu/トリケラトプス (triceratops), Takadanobaba/高田馬場 (a city in Tokyo), Chichibu/秩父 (a city north of Tokyo) and shishiodoshi/ししおどし (a zen garden fountain).

Three of my favorite Spanish words are melocoton (peach), guindilla (chili pepper), and esperanza (hope).

One of my favorite things is coming up with English/Japanese puns.

Celebrating the poetry and music of a language can help us enjoy the language we have worked so hard to attain and make our lives happier.

So, what are your favorite words in English and other languages? What words give you joie de vie?
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