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What do you hate most about summer? What do you enjoy most about winter?

6 years ago
Well, (unless you're a meteorologist, in which case summer ended yesterday) there are only three weeks left of (cosmological) summer (in the Northern Hemisphere). Hooray, I say!

Those (hitherto) stealthy mosquitoes that, for the last few months, have seen my blood as easy pickings are now so lethargic that they themselves are easy pickings for me: only today I've managed to wallop dead two of them before they even got settled on my arm to get started at their pinching and sucking.

And it's nice to get back to taking only one shower a day, and afterwards actually feeling fresh for several hours afterward.

In a few months winter will be here. We'll be able to keep warm by putting on as many layers of clothes as we feel like putting on (instead of it being impossible to find a comfortable temperature no matter how many clothes you take off, which we've been suffering all summer): nice! There will probably be snow, and snowmen and snowball-fights: fun, fun, fun.

What do you hate most about summer? And what do you look forward to most when winter's coming? Or do you live in one of those parts of the world where the words "summer" and "winter" are meaningless? If so, what's that like? Would you prefer to have seasons, or are you happy with the climate you've got?