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What is Global Knowledge? Is Global Knowledge Important For Taking the IELTS Exam?

6 years ago
Specialist knowledge is knowing a lot about a specific subject, i.e. computer technology, astronomy, calculus, gasoline engines, etc.

Global knowledge is our general understanding about many different topics and world events.

The IELTS oral exam allows you about two minutes to speak on a given subject, the Writing Task 2 portion of the exam allows you about 250 words and only 40 minutes. The subjects for exam parts come from many different topics that are always changing.

I advise my students that having global knowledge is more important than specialist knowledge because it can help you answer a wider variety of questions on both the speaking and writing modules of the exam.

The more you know about a variety of subjects, the more able and confident you will be to share ideas about them.

So, how should you increase your Global knowledge?

Well, that will be very interesting to know – just what can you do to expand “your” global consciousness?