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What is the smallest city in England? Yes, correct: The City of London

6 years ago
The City of London is the smallest city in England: it has an area of 1.12 square miles (2.9 square kilometres) and a population of 9,401. (Most people mistakenly think London is a huge city, but in fact, the conurbation known as "Greater London" is NOT a city).

How many tourists, on average, take a selfie in front of Big Ben every day? Yes, correct: ZERO. No tourist has ever taken a photo in front of Big Ben. "Big Ben" is NOT the name of any clock tower; it's the name of a bell. Inside The Elizabeth Tower (which is the correct name of the famous clock tower which thousands of tourists take selfies in front of every day), there are two bells: Big Ben and Little Ben.

The Prime Minister's official residence is no.10 Downing Street. Why has Theresa May never been given the keys to no.10 Downing Street? Yes, correct: no Prime Minister is ever given the keys to no.10 Downing Street because there are no locks on any of the doors (this is for security reasons, so that the police, who are always in attendance, can access the building constantly).

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