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What is your GOAL : how your goal related to Arabic learning fast

2 years ago
At the first session with any new student , I always ask this :
Why you want to study Arabic ?

The Goal of questions is related to what I think it is really important about teaching the language as a linguistics passionate about language and how to make people acquire Arabic fast

Some people want to learn language just for fun , like : Arabic ? hmm yeah why not 😄
while this is good for short term project
but for long term project , I think you must bring more clear goal
but why ?

1 - Goal = priority !
sometimes you feel excited about learning specific language , but then after start , you became busy , and then your life asked you to put learning Arabic for a while

But : if you have clear goal , and life goal , for example :
If I learn Arabic , I will be able to work in Arabic country
or I can study in this place , or travel to this country

then whenever you are busy , you will make time
The clear goal , will keep learning arabic in your list , even in the most busy day you have

2- Goal = Timeline
We all know about SMART goal rules
Specific - Measurable - Achievable - Relevant - Time-Bound

When you put goal with learn Arabic like travel :
you must put time for it , like within a year , this level of Arabic
to be able do 1 2 3

which will lead to ....

3 - Goal = mini Goals !
When you put big goal for learn Arabic , then you will have to put mini goals later
and this will make you do real progress , Like a train , you move from station to another station with clear way about your learn process

so in summary
it is cool to learn without Goal , no problem with that
but if you put a goal link to your learning , trust me it will really really matter for great progress and more faster in your Arabic learning

Let me know if you have any questions ,
you welcome to send me about Arabic learning any time 😊

That is it and keep learning, it is fun 🎉
سلام 😊🙏
Verbling Arabic teacher