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What Phrasal Verbs do You Use

7 years ago
Phrasal Verbs are "Mega" important!!!
Understanding a Phrasal Verb is to understand what native speakers are saying.
So what are your "favourite" Phrasal Verbs? Those that you like to use and you use a lot.
Share them with all of us and give an example of how you would use them.

I'll start.
1, Bump into: When you meet someone you know when you have not planned to meet them.
While I was on holiday in Spain I bumped into John, an old school friend of mine
2, Put off: To postpone something , eg a class, a concert etc
The meeting was put off until the following week.
3, Come over: To go to somebodies home for a period of time.
I told Jane to come over for dinner this Saturday.
4, Pop over: To "pop" somewhere is to go somewhere for a short period of time. To pop over means to go to somebodies home for a short period.
"I'll pop over around 6 o'clock and give you back the book I borrowed."
5, Set off: To begin a journey
"I set off for work this morning at half past 5"

So lets keep this Phrasal Verb Discussion going & help everybody learning English.
Write a few of your "favs" on a new post!!!!