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What "unspoken about" prejudices have you suffered from?

6 年前
Hi everybody. We all know that life is much harder for women than for men. And there's also much coverage in the media, and pressure on politicians, currently and historically, about the unfairness that LGBT folks come up against, as well as the difficulties faced by people of certain ethnicities and disabilities. However,...

I was taken aback yesterday when one of my students (who happens to be a white, straight, able-bodied, well-educated, Christian-atheist man) explained to me the extreme hardship of his struggles in getting beyond the very openly-expressed prejudice he's had to deal with whenever applying for jobs: since his early 20s he's been bald. It turns out that a lot of employers simply don't want bald men working for them if they can avoid it, which it is very easy for them to do without any fear of repercussions - because nobody ever talks about this prejudice.

What other "hidden" prejudices are there that you or your friends have been victims of?