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What’s happening in your heart?

a year ago
I have one lonely-heart, just like you. But you can adjust your digital heart to the way you feel without a remote control to face each situation accordingly. Keep yourself going with Thai words to describe your heart.

Thai language has more words for heart than Inuit have for snow!

Heart = Jai

Absent-minded heart = Jai loy (literally, it means floating away heart. The Loy is the same word used for Thai Thanksgiving, Loy Krathong in November, where we float away our bad luck of the year.)

Changeable heart = Jai bpian (changing your love)

Collapsed heart = Jai sud (dropped by bad news, so shocked)

Disappearing / lost heart = Jai haai (empty, lost love…or money…or passport!)

Falling-apart heart = Jai sa-laai (heartbroken)

Fallen heart = Jai dtok (that sinking feeling)

Faithful, one heart = Jai diaw (you’re the one and only!)

Faint heart = Jai wiw (anticipating the outcome, could be bad!)

Fragile heart = Jai bpro (easy to break)

Little heart = Jai noi (feeling sad & touchy / sensitive / disappointed)

Lonely heart = Jai ngao (missing someone)

Numb heart = Jai daan-chaa (no more feelings for you)

Sad heart = Jai sao (full of sorrow, grieving, melancholy)

Soft heart = Jai on (tenderhearted)