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What's the funniest YouTube video you've seen lately?

6 years ago
Hi everyone.

When someone's new to a language, it's very common that among the first words we want to learn (or, often, among the first words which our mischievous, cheeky friends want to teach us!) are the "dirty" words; the profane and obscene expletives.

Most basic learners of English know the word "shit". If your level of English is A2 or B1, I would be curious to know how much you understand of the very funny stand-up routine on the link below. If your level is B2 or above, I think you'll quite probably understand and have a good laugh at 90%+ of what this Finnish comedian has to say about the various meanings and uses of the word "shit". (Btw, do any fellow Verblingers know the name of this comedian?)


What other funny videos have you seen on YouTube recently?