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Why do you learn?

5 years ago
Hello! My name is Emily, and I teach English and Spanish. I also make the plans and materials for courses. It is important for me to teach the things that are important to students.

Can you help me? Please tell me:

- What is your name?
- What language(s) do you study?
- Why do you study?
- Are you a student or do you work? What is your career or job?
- How do you use the languages that you study?

For example:

- My name is Emily!
- I study Turkish and Spanish.
- I study Turkish because I have Turkish friends and I want to speak with them. I study Spanish because it is beautiful, and I work with many Spanish-speaking people.
- When I use Turkish, I talk about the day, plans for the week, family and friends. When I use Spanish, I explain my classes, talk about learning, and ask people about their goals.

Thank you for your help! I am a curious teacher!