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Why Hindi Language Considered as a Scientific Language?

4 years ago
Let us begin our discussion with the Scientific attributes that forms the basics of a language on which any language is analysed; these are phonology,morphology, syntax & pragmatics. phonology relates with the use of sound to encode the meaning of any spoken language. Morphology is a branch of linguistics that studies internal structure of words. Syntax is the study of rules to construct sentences in natural languages. Whereas pragmatics studies the ways in which language use contributes to its meaning. All these parameters are fulfilled in Hindi language i will show with illustrations. Hindi uses a very old script like Sanskrit which is Devnagari Script. Many languages which are spoken in India emerges from Hindi like Punjabi, Gujarati, Marathi etc. Devnagari- the source of Hindi script is considered as the world's most natural & scientific script. Like many languages for example Bengali, Tamil Sanskrit is the Mother of Hindi. You can find most of the Hindi words along with their pronunciation found to be similar in Sanskrit. The name Devnagari comes from the Sanskrit words Dev (God) and Nagari (urban). The philosophy behind it is that when one meditates on the specific sounds of the Devanagari alphabet, the written forms appear spontaneously in the mind. And thus it happens likewise. Just think what you speak out when you get hurt ….. that’s aah or oh, do you have any difficulty in pronouncing Maa and try this with any letter of the Hindi Varnamala. You will find out that surely and convincingly Hindi is the most natural language to speak and so it is scientific.