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Why should we learn the gestures of others countries?

2 years ago
Why should we learn the gestures of others countries?
Have you ever been in a situation in another country where your gesture was misunderstood? This happens often with my friends, who are frequently travelling abroad. On one occasion, a friend made an unfamiliar gesture in the company of her boyfriend's parents and it almost ruined the impression that they had of her! Another friend from Italy was once misunderstood at the bar, and was very nearly involved with the police. Incidentally, the gestures they used were the same despite being used in different countries.

So, what are the most commonly-used gestures in Russia that you need to know?

1) Let's drink!

2) You won't get anything from me!

3) Puzzlement.

4) I swear!

5)The gesture demonstrates devotion to someone.

Beforehand, I wrote briefly about the gestures which caused some concern for two of my friends from different countries – the gesture is pictured here.

What do you think? What does it mean in Russia and other countries? Have you ever had a problem with a gesture in another country?