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(Winter) Weather - How is it affecting you now?

8 months ago
I am writing from Italy right now, where it is snowing heavily. The temperature is about -1 degrees Celsius. Meanwhile you may be reading this from a part of the world where it is not snowing, but it is very sunny, hot, and there is no extreme change in temperature like in Europe. However, I would like to include you in this discussion as well.

  1. Is the winter weather affecting you at the moment?
  2. If so, how is it affecting you? E.g. schools closed, unable to drive to work, etc.
  3. If not, tell us about how the current weather conditions are affecting you in your country. e.g. extreme heat, high winds, sandstorms, or other phenomena.
  4. Has the winter come early or late in your country?
  5. Do you like the arrival of winter in your country?
  6. If you like winter, why? or why not?
  7. Do you have to do anything during winter to prepare? For example, buy more food supplies, clear the road of snow, change car tyres to winter tyres.


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