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How to find a teacher?

hace 4 años
Dear teachers,

you all wonder, how to find students.

Let me ask you, how to find a teacher? It can get hard.

I don't believe in the recommendations anymore. All the students get five stars and I hardly dare to give less.

May I give you some suggestions?

1. Your video: All of them are the same. All of your introductions are more or less the same: "I have experience, I promise you to be fluent in no time" Nobody is fluent in no time - not living in the country.

2. The students doesn´t know what to expect. Why not uploading a trial lesson, so at least we know if you give grammar lesson or just chat?

3. Just chatting doesn't mean teaching lessons. Knowing your language doesn't mean, that you can teach it. Teaching is so much harder.

4. Most of the teachers I got to know just chat. Worse - they chat! They did all the work. Very convenient. But very bad for my language. I know that it ´s hard to listen to a no-native speaker, but that's what you work for. Let the student talk. And only the student. We only learn, if you give us some space, some time for our mistakes. And correct us.

Just my two cents, I am looking forward to the discussion.