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Lesson Books Recommendations - Studying Spanish (self-study) (A1)

hace 4 años
Hi, guys! A friend of mine asked this me today and I realized that it is a thing that I would like to know as well:

Hey, everyone! (:
I'm looking for some good lesson books recommendations. I prefer ebooks (I don't have money for the shipping costs) but feel free to share any lesson book that you think is good.
I want to find good lesson books to study Latin American Spanish. I'm aware that there's no such thing like "Latin American Spanish" but rather many different singularities and cultural manifestations of the language (which is a beautiful phenomenon <3 ) throughout Latin America. However, I was wondering if some colleagues here from one of these countries (or maybe some foreigner students currently studying in Latin America) could share some recommendations with me.
Could you help me with that, please?
Thank you very much for your attention! Hope you have a great day/afternoon/night of sleep. ;)"