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Diana Deborah Chew Tze Tang

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Topic based speaking practice for students of all ages (5 year old and above)个人独创会话课程,让你有效说英语
1. Conversation practice for beginners 初学者会话练习
a. Dialogue practice and role play
b. Speaking games and informational gap activities
c. Topic based vocabularies, commonly used expressions
*Your child will be encouraged to speak in full sentences using pictures, games, activities, videos and story-telling 通过我的独创课程和适当的协助,你的孩子会开口说完整句子

2. Topic-based discussion for advanced speakers
a. Discussion, give presentation, latest global news
b. Video review, reading passage summary
c. Common expressions, idioms, phrasal verbs

3. After class service
a. Feedback on progress
b. Videos, powerpoint, audio messages for revision
c. Suggestions for improvement

1. Greetings, my name is Diana and I come from Sarawak, Malaysia. I can speak Chinese, English and Malay.大家好,我是郑秋子,我来自砂拉越,马来西亚。
2. I have a bachelor of education endorsed in TESOL from University of Otago, New Zealand. I also have a Master of Science with Human Resource Development from UNIMAS Malaysia.
3. In Malaysia, I’ve worked as an English teacher at a Chinese independent high school for over five years. 我当过五年的全职英文老师,幼儿园长和其他工作。我也有在新西兰的橄榄球世界杯当过兼职还有在樱桃农场做工。
4. My purpose as a tutor is to help you achieve your learning goals in the shortest time possible by teaching you effective strategies and provide you with suitable resources at your level. 身为专业教师,我能够迅速的评估你的水平,然后以你的先前知识为你塑造个人和有结构性的教学课程。

My lesson styles are interactive, engaging, fun as well as structured..我的教学方式是互动,有趣何有结构的。
As a professional teacher, I focus on these types of lessons:
1. Structured lesson with clear objectives 目标明确的结构化课程
2. Grammar rules with easiest explanation using customized grammar notes以最简单的方式解释语法规则
3. Learn vocabularies using effective strategies from multiple resources如何更有效的增加你的词汇量
4. Academic English such as IELTS, TOEFL, CAE etc with special focus on exam strategies 教你如何应付英文考试(雅思、托福等等)还有入学考试和面试

If you decide to book my lessons, all my customized learning materials will be provided to you for free. 如果我们能够长期合作,你有需要的话我会给予免费的额外辅导。
For each type of the lessons below, I provide the following materials including eBooks and PowerPoint notes:
1. English daily conversation英语日常会话 (information gap activities, speaking games, topic discussion, open-ended questions, common expressions, dialogue practice)
2. English for kids and teenagers儿童和青少年英语 (Think Cambridge, Oxford University Press, Oxford reading tree, language art games, flashcards, grammar power points)
3. Business English商务英语 (customized notes including meetings, negotiations, presentation, answering calls, small talks)
4. Academic English考试英语 (strategies for reading and writing skill)
5. Mandarin daily conversation 中文日常会话 (topic-based vocabularies, common Chinese sayings)
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In this trial lesson, I will provide a brief teaching session based on your learning goals:
1. Language assessment test
2. functional language skill practice (to give opinion etc.)
3. topic conversation dialogue practice
4. discussion, describe the pictures
5. information gap activities, speaking games
6. role play using commonly used expressions
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2009 - 2012
Bachelor of Education in TESOL
University of Otago, Dunedin - New Zealand
specialised in TESOL

briefcaseExperiencia profesional

Professional English Teacher
Chinese Independent High School - Malaysia
I teach English full time to Chinese secondary students


2015 - 2016
Master in Human Resource Development
University of Malaysia Sarawak - Malaysia
I studied Master degree in human resource development

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