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Zlatko Zlatevsecurity_checkedFlag
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Lessons: 1.373Students: 71
Hello, My name is Zlatko. I believe that learning Bulgarian online with me gives you the best of both worlds: fast progress and enjoyment. I am a native Bulgarian speaker with over 15 years of teaching experience. In my career, I have helped hundreds of students achieve their language goals. I offer a wide range of lessons from beginners to advanced students and can easily tailor them to both your interests and specific needs. My style is to have natural conversations about a variety of topics. I always encourage my students to speak and give them hints about how to remember as much as possible. We can focus on a different grammar point during a lesson too. The way I explain grammar rules is simple, digestable and fun. So if you are thinking about giving the language a go, brushing up on it and/or taking it up a notch, what are you waiting for? Please let me know what your language learning goals are, and I will build a realistic study plan for you. Teaching is an incredibly re...
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Vyara Daskalovasecurity_checkedFlag
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Lessons: 593Students: 58
I'm from Bulgaria and I live in the city of Varna on the Black Sea coast. I can teach you speak Bulgarian and also give you a lot of knowledge about the culture of the Bulgarian nation. I'm a trained and certified teacher for online teaching and have been teaching online since 2010 Bulgarian, Russian and English. I have a MA in Russian and Bulgarian Philology, and BA in English Philology. Here, in Bulgaria, I work in a private language school and teach face-to-face English, Russian and Bulgarian as foreign languages. I have a teaching experience of 30 years and I've taught students of all ages and adults in both state and private schools. My favourite approach is communicative and I've always been interested in teaching with technology. I'm a sociable person and I like communicating with people from all over the world. If you’re really excited about Bulgarian and Bulgaria, you’re welcome to a trial lesson with me.
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Martina Novakovasecurity_checkedFlag
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Lessons: 123Students: 11
Hello! Thank you for your interest in learning Bulgarian. Let me introduce myself. I studied Spanish Philology and Pedagogy at the Sofia University and the University of Valencia and last year I finished my Master’s Degree in Theatre Creation at the Carlos III University in Madrid. I'm currently finishing my MA in Educational Theatre in Colleges and Communities at NYU Steinhardt with a Fulbright Scholarship. Before moving to NYC I lived for 5 years in Madrid, Spain and where I was teaching Bulgarian and Spanish to foreigners. I have a diploma for a professional language teacher and I did a specialization in Pedagogy during my Bachelor´s studies. I worked for two years in a language academy teaching Spanish and in three schools in Bulgaria, Spain and the US. I'm a theatre director and playwright and currently teaching is the way I sustain myself in order to be able to make art. Мethodology I teach through English or Spanish. The fact that I know in depth three languages from di...
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