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"I had over 30 English lessons with Adrienne when I was preparing to immigrate to Canada. She's a passionate teacher, and not only boosted my confidence, but also took my English to the next level. I'm currently working as a writer for a big Canadian company and I feel that our lessons helped me to get here." - Thiago

"Adrienne is simply the best! She helped me achieve my goal which was improving my fluency with very entertaining lessons. Thanks to her I feel more confident when speaking in English." - Monica

Howdy! (That is 'Hello' in Texan) Keep reading to discover more about me and how I will help you like I've helped hundreds of others......................................

I work with all levels on conversation, test preparation, job interviews, blogging, pronunciation, singing without an accent, and more. I am an American teacher from Texas (living in Germany), and I have a Bachelor's Degree in education with over 12 years of experience teaching English.

First...we will begin by creating a specific, measurable, realistic, and time-bound goal together so that you are the one in charge of your learning and can see your progress.

Next...we get busy talking! I teach conversationally based classes where I guide you through conversation based around specific topics. While you are speaking, I am taking notes to send you at the end of class. This allows you to focus on speaking and speaking confidently without being constantly interrupted with corrections.

While we always work on your specific goals, I also watch for things as they come up in class in order for us to have 'mini lessons' or 'learnable moments.'

Finally...I send you a google document with notes, corrections, and homework activities.

What do I specialize in? What makes me the best teacher for you?

What makes me a good teacher is my ability to really create an environment of safety for you. I have many students who in the beginning are very shy or quite scared and within a few lessons they are the ones doing all the talking!

I also specialize in native speaker pronunciation. My technique involves less "repeat after me" and more "kinesthetics." This means I give you very specific mouth positions and even body movements and silly faces to help you master and remember flawless pronunciation. So if you're someone who has always wanted to have perfect pronunciation, what are you waiting for?

What can I help you learn?

I work on whatever you want to work on!
-writing (work emails, personal narratives, summaries, blogging)
-speaking (both casual and academic/professional conversation)
-reading and vocabulary
-grammatical structures
-IELTS speaking practice
-university applications

No-Show/Cancellation Policy:

I require more than 24 hour notice for cancellations because that is not enough time for another student to fill that spot. ***If you are a no-show and I haven't heard from you that you're on your way then class will be marked completed at 20 past the hour. Thank you for understanding!

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Texas A&M University
Education: Reading, Writing, English as a Second Language
Azusa Pacific University
MA Educational Leadership


Instruction in English as a Second Language
Texas A&M University

Cours particuliers

60 minutes