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Christo van der Ham

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I am an enthusiastic and adventurous individual with a passion for people, animals and the outdoors. I am hard working and dedicated. I strive to achieve goals I have set for myself, as well as goals others set for me. I am always eager to learn and to pass on my own knowledge and experiences onto others. I am open to challenges and have a great competitive side which drives me to do my best in situations, in all spheres of life.

As an educator I have dealt with learners from various demographic groups ranging from underprivileged to privileged backgrounds as well as diverse cultures. My teaching experiences have taught me valuable people skills which allow me to interact with people from all walks of life.

Before becoming a teacher I completed my B.A. Degree in Human Movement Science. During this time I became aware of my desire to work with people. I found great value in passing my knowledge and understanding of concepts onto others and this is what drove me towards completing my Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE). I am a firm believer that teaching can happen in any and every environment and that learning is one of the most consistent requirements for life.

I started my first teaching and coaching job at Kuswag Primary school in 2015 where I taught English language along with coaching sport and Physical Education. During this time I was also the head of the Sports Administration department. During 2015 I decided to further my studies towards being a full time teacher and applied to complete my PGCE for Senior and FET Education.

I spent 2016 and 2017 in an intensive internship programme at Stirling Primary School where I was immersed in the daily tasks of being a teacher. During this time I was responsible for teaching a number of subjects and also gained valuable insight into what teaching is about.

In 2018 I was appointed at Lilyfontein School as a full time Educator in the Languages department whilst also teaching Life Orientation. I have been teaching at Lilyfontein since 2018 and recently started teaching Tourism along with Languages and Life Orientation.

My experience gained from teaching learners with various home languages other than English has proven as a major benefit: it has taught me the importance of effective communication and listening.

My teaching style ranges from learner to learner. I do believe that a multi-faceted approach is necessary in teaching the current generation and those to come as they are continually stimulated through various forms of media and technology.

I would classify my teaching style as a combination of Facilitator and Laissez-faire with a limited amount of the Authoritarian approach where clear instruction is needed. Experiential learning is my personal preference and I have found that in order to teach one must first create the desire and curiosity for learning.

My approach to language learning is based on creating a desire for communication in various spheres of life whether it be professional or social. A strong desire for understanding and being understood can be a great motivator for learning and mastering of a new language.

Frequent hearing and speaking of the target language is the basis of my approach. I believe that the pursuit of perfection when teaching language can often be the enemy of good. Therefore I encourage learners to attempt and fail in order to learn from their mistakes. My main focus in teaching languages is to create an opportunity for communication which serves as the most valuable learning experience.

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South African English

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2010 - 2013
B.A. Human Movement Science
University of the Freestate - Freestate, South Africa
Focus on Anatomy and Physiology with 16 Credit Major in English


2016 - 2017
Teaching internship
Stirling Primary School - East London, Eastern Cape, South Africa
Teaching internship whilst completing PGCE (Post Graduate Certificate in Education)
2015 - 2015
Kuswag Primary School - East London, Eastern Cape, South Africa
Full time teacher and sports coordinator
2018 - 0
Lilyfontein School - East London, Eastern Cape, South Africa
Full time teacher


2017 - 2017
GA level 3 TEFL
i-to-i - Online
120 Hour TEFL course
2016 - 2017
PGCE (Post Graduate Certificate in Education)
University of South Africa - East London Campus, South Africa
Teaching certification for grades 7-12 (Senior phase - Further Education Training) with a primary focus on teaching languages with an additional module in psychology

1:1 개인 레슨

60 minutes