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Hi! I specialize in BULATS (Business English) and interview preparation, but also offer general and academic English courses. Schedule a trial lesson today so that we can discuss the best method to achieve your objectives quickly!

All lesson materials are provided: PDF worksheets with audio files, videos, texts, writing assignments, grammar exercises, speaking topics and vocabulary lists.
Learn to speak fluently and get great results quickly! Learn vocabulary, practice listening skills with videos, complete grammar exercises to practice what you have learned and much more! Business and Life/Travel topics to choose from! Amazing resources and high quality lessons with a professional teacher who is available to answer any questions. Get great results from today!

I am a Master TEFL and TESOL English Teacher with 10 years teaching experience. Are you ready to achieve your learning goals in 2021? Let's do it together!
I have been teaching online, for the past 7 years, to students from around the world. I am passionate about learning about different cultures and believe that you need to truly immerse yourself in your language learning experience. This is why my lessons are conversation based while focusing on the relevant phrases and vocabulary for a particular situation.

We all want to be understood, both in our personal and professional lives, but we can only achieve this by speaking correctly. You need to express your opinions clearly, use the best vocabulary and understand the grammar rules, in order to have an effective conversation.
Do you want to be more fluent? Do you find it difficult to participate in a conversation or meeting? Do you need to practice listening because you can't understand different accents?
Let me help you. I teach exam preparation - BULATS, TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS, FCE, CAE and CPE. I also teach Business English for Professionals and recruiting and interviewing. Do you want to improve your speaking and fluency? I am here to help you with a variety of topics, from travel English to general conversations, and vocabulary to help you to improve quickly and enjoy learning.

I have years of experience teaching communication skills and formal English in companies. I understand that you might be nervous to start taking English lessons, but I promise that you will feel comfortable with me. Practice speaking with me. It doesn't matter if you make mistakes while speaking to me. That is why I am here! I will help you to correct the mistakes! I am patient and ready to answer any questions you have. I am very good at explaining grammar rules – it is my specialty!
Thank you for reading my profile. I am excited to start teaching you! Book a trial lesson and let’s get started!

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2020 - 0
Business English Teacher
Teaching Business English to Adult Students


Online English Teacher for Children
DaDaABC - China
Teaching K12 English to young students in China.
1994 - 1997
Adult Education Instructor
Training and Development for Southern Africa - South Africa
English Teacher for adults and children learning English as a second language for work, study and daily life skills.


Global TEFL UK - South Africa
Online Teacher, teaching English as a Second Language
2016 - 2016
Global TEFL UK - London, England
Teaching English as a Foreign Language and Teaching English as a Second Language
1998 - 2015
IT and Network Administrator, training and mentoring junior IT colleagues.

1:1 개인 레슨

60 minutes