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If you're a professional, manager, executive or otherwise need English to advance your career yet despite your knowledge of English, you still struggle to express yourself clearly, then you’ve come to the right tutor.

If you've had prior lessons that seemed too basic, or if there is a level you can’t reach, no matter how much time you spend. then you’ve come to the right tutor.

If you're dealing with an interview, or meetings, or presentations in English, then you’ve come to the right tutor.

You may need to pass the IELTS test. I’ve had great successes preparing students for this, so you’ve come to the right tutor.

You feel that in order to take the next step in your career (and your life), or maybe emigrate - you need to improve your English.

Whatever your dream is, whether it's a promotion, travel, or just feeling better in your work life, is English what's holding you back?

You're here because you know you need something more. The same endless grammar exercises are just not enough. You need something that’s going to bring you to the next level.

You may have a job interview soon. I have a tried and tested methodology for job interview preparation, and we’ll do mock-interviews. I have a proven 100% success rate with this!

If you need to give presentations, I’ll check the grammar and wording and then you'll present the presentations to me. We’ll talk about the things that hold you back (even if it’s not even English related), so that you can break through the barriers that are holding you back. I should know, after over 35 years in Technology and IT Management positions.

That’s because I am more of a communication consultant than just an English tutor.
Let’s discuss the situations or factors where language is holding you back and we can re-create these jointly and resolve these issues - you will know that you will have a safe place to practice your skills.

Once you schedule a trial lesson, I’ll send you a comprehensive placement test which will give me a good idea of what aspects of your English is weak, and where your strengths are.
During the trial lesson, we'll discuss the aspects of English that you struggle with, develop a plan to fix these. That way, even if you never have another lesson with me, you’ll have a good idea of what we need to do to improve your English.

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1983 - 2015
IT Engineer and Training Consultant
South Africa
I have held numerous managerial and executive positions in the IT industry where my passion has always been training and teaching


2019 - 2019
TEFL Level 5 - 240 hour course with One-to-One extra specialisation
i-to-i - Ofqual Regulated - Online
I am TEFL Level 5 certified - 240 hour TEFL Course

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